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Moustache Wax - Beardified

Moustache Wax

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When eating a mouth-watering double - patty burger, you want to taste it without having to fight the taste of your moustache hair getting into the sauce. To prevent this from happening you need to use a great moustache wax.

Using a combination of Beeswax, Grape Seed Oil and various essential oils, our homemade 'stache wax ensures your moustache stays out of your mouth and where it belongs...above your lips. Your moustache will look healthy as well because the wax has moisturising properties.

Beardified's 'Stache Wax is 100% Natural

How To Apply

Scrape the wax out with the back of your thumbnail. Transfer the wax to your pointing finger then rub pointing fingers together, then style.

Remember: "Your beard deserves AWESOME...Beardified 'Stache Wax is that AWESOME!"

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