Hair Clay - Beardified
Hair Clay - Beardified

Hair Clay

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Have a look at the ingredients of the hair product/s you are using now. The chances are that you can't even pronounce the names of some of the ingredients. This is the problem with almost every single beauty/styling product on the market today. The products we use are full of harmful chemicals which strip our hair of all the essential nutrients hair needs as well as damage the skin and the hair itself. This is why we have worked so hard on our very own hair clay. It has no harmful chemicals, in fact it has essential nutrients that assist in keeping your hair strong and healthy...all this without having to compromise on its styling effectiveness.

The clay has a firm hold, without residue or oiliness. Your hair will keep its shape for a long time without it looking dirty and greasy. 

The ingredients include Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Volcanic Ash infused with various essential oils to give the clay an amazing manly scent.

How To Apply

  1. Make sure your hair is dry
  2. Scrape out hair clay with your finger
  3. Rub palms together, make sure the hair clay is evenly distributed in palms and apply to hair
  4. Style as required

Please note: Due to this product being 100% natural without using any stabilising chemicals, it can be temperature volatile, therefore, if it is very cold it will harden and if it is very hot it will become very soft. If it gets hard, use either the back of your thumbnail to scrape out the clay or some other hard object. Once you rub the clay into your palms it will melt as normal.


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