Beard Trimming Scissors - Beardified
Beard Trimming Scissors - Beardified

Beard Trimming Scissors

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Whether you want to grow a majestically long beard that reaches to your navel or a beard that is...well...slightly longer that stubble, you still need to keep it looking neat (unless you're going for the mountain man "I don't give a darn" sort of look).

One of the easiest ways to keep your beard looking neat is with a good pair of beard trimming scissors. Beardified's Beard Trimming Scissors are made from stainless steel, are very strong and keep their sharpness for a long time. John, himself uses only these scissors to trim his beard.

These scissors are perfect for trimming away those rebellious hairs that don't want to stay in the same place for any amount of time as well as for trimming your moustache accurately. 

Just another Beardified tool to help you grow an epic beard!

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