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Who Is Beardified?

Who Is Beardified?

Beardified is beard care business based in East London, South Africa that makes and sells premium, natural beard care products such as beard oils, moustache waxes, beard balms, beard washes, wooden combs and more. It was founded by husband and wife, John and Tanya Dunn who are passionate about beards, beardsmen, and most importantly they are passionate about the reason why we started the business...

Why Beard Care?

When a man grows a beard, he faces the new challenge; making sure it always looks, feels and smells great. The problem most beardsmen face in the early stages of beard growth is finding great quality beard care products that would make the beard look and feel healthy. This is why Beardified was born.

Beardified was created with the goal to not only provide high quality, homemade, beard care products such as beard oil to every beardsman but also to offer guidance on how to grow a beard properly. These products are the same products that are used by John on his own beard. Each product has been tested extensively to ensure the perfect recipe and scent for the highest quality product.

Beardified wants to provide you with the best products available as well as the best service.

Always remember "Your beard deserves AWESOME...Beardified is that AWESOME!"

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