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Beard Oil - Augustine

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This is Beardified's ultimate beard oil.

It took nearly 1 year to perfect the carrier oil combinations and the unique and premium scent. This oil also officially introduces the South African oil - Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, giving this oil all the qualities of the best beard oils in the world, but with a uniquely South African flair to it.

One of the added benefits to Augustine is that it has drier oil texture, which means that there will be minimal oily residue after application.

In short, it offers you the best feeling oil, with all the best beard enhancing qualities, without oily residue and with the ultimate manly scent!

    NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Prunus amygdalus oil, Simmondsia chinensis oil and Citrullus lanatus oil infused with naturally derived fragrance.

    How To Apply

    The best time to use the oil is directly after washing your beard with hot water e.g. after a hot shower. When your skin is still hot/warm, the pores of your skin are more open which allows the oil to be absorbed better.

    Put 1-2 pumps of oil into the palm of your hand, then rub hands together and rub into your beard from the roots outwards. A good practice is to massage the oil into your skin under your beard which encourages blood flow to the roots of your hair which leads to better hair growth.

    The frequency of use is at your own discretion, but most men with thicker beards use the oil twice a day.

    WARNING: This product contains nut products and is therefore not suitable for anyone who has nut allergies.