How To Beard - 7 Steps to Growing An Epic Beard

Man with epic beard - This is how to grow a beard

Some men want to learn how to fly, some, how to surf, some even want to learn how to boil an egg (yes, this is the second most searched for 'How to' skill on Google under the letter 'B' :-) ). But if you really are a man's man, then you should learn How to Beard!

Growing a beard is a lifestyle. It is a commitment. Therefore, in this post, I will walk through 7 essential steps on growing an EPIC beard!

Whether you are struggling to grow a beard or whether you already have the beard-growing power of a Viking, which inevitably makes you the envy of most men, this post should help as a checklist to ensure your beard reaches its true potential.


The Toolbox - What Every Beardsman Needs

Your beard is important and it needs to be maintained properly, therefore, your beard needs its very own toolbox.

So what are the essentials to have in your toolbox? Here are 3 of the main tools you need to make sure that your beard is kept looking, feeling and smelling great:

How To Beard In 7 Simple Steps: 

STEP 1. -  Know Why You Want To Grow A Beard

Growing a beard takes commitment and if you generally struggle to grow facial hair, it will take a lot of patience and hard work.

Whenever you do something that requires any sort of commitment you need to know why you are doing that thing so that whenever you feel like giving up, you can always remind yourself of the 'why' and then get back on track.

This applies to many things in life e.g. exercise. I'll be honest with you...I HATE exercise! At the moment I don't have a big enough motivator to get fit and to have a sculpted body, therefore, if I were to start going to gym now, within a week I would quit. BUT if I knew that I had severe health issues that could take my life soon unless I start exercising, then I would gladly hit the gym to get fit.

The same goes for growing a need to know why you're doing it...

  • Is it because it's fashionable?
  • Is it because the lady in your life digs beards? This is a strong motivator for most men (it's the one that got me :-) )
  • Is it because you believe it's what a man should do? My advice here is simple...It's definitely what a man should do!

Whatever your reason, make sure that you are aware of it, and that it is strong enough to take you through the challenges that you may face while growing a beard. 

STEP 2. - Let It Grow And Be Patient

This should be difficult could just not shaving be?

While putting away the razor is easy and at first liberating, you will soon experience the dreaded ITCH.

Within the first few weeks of growing your beard, you will experience constant itchiness underneath your beard hairlings. It is probably the single greatest cause of men giving up on their quest to growing a beard. Many men just can't handle the itchiness.

At this stage of your beard growth please refer back to STEP 1.

Here's a clip from Jase Robertson from 'Duck Dynasty', a beard growing legend, on what to expect when you start growing a beard...specifically about the itchiness.

This was what he said to The Blaze:

"You have to suffer from day seven to day 14, then its pure bliss, [Then] you got great camo, great warmth and nobody will try to mug you.”

“[W]hen they [muggers] see somebody like this … they are like ‘no, no its not worth it,'”

What is the cause of the itchiness?

Basically, due to years of shaving, the ends of your facial hairs have become like little spears. When you start growing your hair, as the hairs start getting longer, those spears start curling back towards your skin and start piercing your skin and irritating your skin which is what causes that itchiness.

What can you do to get rid of the itchiness?

You need to make your hairs softer and also repair your skin to take the itchiness away. This is one of the biggest uses for our beard oil! Beardified Beard Oil both moisturises the hair which makes the hairs softer and it also takes away the irritation from your skin.

But no matter what, just hang in there! It is so worth it!

Don't let the ITCH conquer you! Remember you are a man!

STEP 3. - Trimming

Man Getting His Beard Trimmed

When I started growing my beard, I was working in a corporate environment which required that I looked professional at all times, which meant that I needed to keep my beard trimmed.

The way you trim your beard will be determined by the style of beard you want.

Various Beard Styles


When your facial hair is still short, it's very easy to keep your beard trimmed and in shape. You just need to use hair/beard clippers and choose what length you want (1,2,3,4,etc) and then clip away.

However, when your beard starts to get long, it becomes a bit more challenging to trim it yourself. At this point you will be left with two options:

  1. Go to your barber (which can get quite pricey), or
  2. Learn to trim your beard by yourself.

How to trim a longer beard:

  1. Wash your beard
  2. Style your beard the way you want it to be styled (refer to Step. 5 on how to style your beard)
  3. Once styled, take an electric hair clipper (if you don't have an electric hair clipper you can use a pair of scissors & comb. I personally find the hair clipper has more control), start trimming your beard by moving the hair clipper in a downward motion along the shape of your beard. You are basically either removing stray hairs or are making your beard the length that you want. Don't ever cut in levels, as this will cause steps in your beard.
  4. Whenever you cut your beard either with a hair clipper or scissors, excess hair will go all over your beard, so you might want to wash your beard again afterwards, but this step is up to you.
  5. If you washed your beard in step 4, you would obviously need to restyle your beard.

When trimming your own beard, make sure that you take off the hair bit by bit and don't to take a whole lot off at the same time...there are no mulligans/do-overs... once the hair is gone, it's gone.

The beauty about learning to trim your own beard is that if the worst thing happens and you cut off too much...don't worry...your hair will grow back for you to try again...if you dare.

STEP 4. - Invest in a Wooden Comb

Even after a trim either by yourself or your barber, you will need to continue to make it look neat on a daily basis.

This is a simple as investing in a comb.

When it comes to what comb to use for your beard, I will say without a doubt that a wooden comb is far better than a plastic or any other comb. Here are the reasons:

  • It glides through the hairs of your beard easier
  • It does not snag knotted hair as much as with plastic combs
  • Wooden combs evenly distribute the beard oil throughout your beard
  • There is no static electricity due to it being made out of wood. Plastic creates a lot of static electricity
  • It looks so much cooler than a plastic comb

Order you Beardified Wooden Comb here.

STEP 5. - Styling

Man With Epic Beard

You will soon find out that once your beard grows long enough, it will also have grown a 'mind' of its own. Your beard hairs will continually want to do their own thing.

Unless you specifically want a 'Wildman'  beard look, you will need to learn to control those erratic hairs.

Thankfully, the process is quite simple. I will share my basic daily beard grooming routine:

  1. I start off in the morning by washing my beard in warm/hot water (warm water opens up the skin's pores to absorb the beard oil better).
  2. I will then towel dry my beard.
  3. Then I take a hair dryer and blow dry my beard while combing. I start off from the bottom blowing upwards and then I will blow from the top downwards. I pull the comb through slowly, trying to pull the hairs straight with the comb (this process allows the hairs to dry straighter).
  4. Once I'm happy that my beard hairs are under control and looking relatively straight, I then apply some beard oil. Again, I apply it from the bottom upwards, working it into the roots of the hairs. Then I apply from the top downwards.
  5. I then style my hairs with my hands and fingers until I'm happy with the style.
  6. To control my moustache (I have a moustache that tends to go into my mouth), I apply some moustache wax. I then use a small comb to style.

STEP 6. - If You Haven't Already Got It, Get Some Beard Oil

I mentioned in Step. 2 that you can use beard oil to help take away the itchiness during the early stages of beard growth.

If you haven't already started using beard oil, now is the time to do so.

Why do you need to use beard oil?

As already mentioned it can help you with your itchiness, but here are some other reasons to get some beard oil:

1. It is a natural moisturiser for your hair. Do you notice that your beard always looks dead and scraggly? Your beard just needs to be moisturised, and beard oil will do the trick.

2. It helps to get your hair under control making it look neater.

3. It gives your hair a nice shine, which makes your beard look awesome!

4. It makes your beard feel great. Due to the moisturising properties of the oil, your beard will feel incredibly soft. This could lead to a serious will continually find yourself stroking your beard a lot...because it just feels darn AWESOME!

5. It makes your beard smell great! Our Beardified Beard Oils have the most amazing manly scent, which lasts throughout the day. You will love it and most importantly, your lady will love it too!

6. Our beard oil has so many nutrients essential to a healthy beard, such as Vitamins A, B1, B6 and E.

To order a bottle of your Beardified Beard Oil, go here.

STEP 7. - No Matter What You Do... Do Not Put Glitter in Your Beard!!!

Glitter in Beards

One of the latest beard trends is men putting glitter in their beards.

This is my personal opinion, so please just hear me out...PLEASE STOP IT!

If there was a book called 'Being a Man 101' (there just might be one), I am certain it will NOT have anything about putting glitter anywhere on your person. This is just not what men do...

Your beard is an external representation of your manliness, so do not glitterfy your beard! Glitter is definitely not how to beard.

Imagine Ragnar Lodbrok, the legendary Viking seeing a man with glitter in his beard...eish!

Oh well, that's the end of my rant :-)


Growing a beard is an art and it is a lifestyle.

It takes work and patience, but these things don't scare real men.

Here at Beardified, we would love to help you learn how to beard!

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You are now on your way to becoming beardified.

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