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Beardified's Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Beard Washes and Waxes Are 100% Natural and Handcrafted; Perfect For Every Beard!

If you are one of a company of blessed men who can grow a beard, do not take it for granted. Look after your beard. Beardified's beard oils, beard balms, moustache waxes, beard washes, and other beard care products are carefully crafted to ensure that your beard is kept healthy and always looks epic. Beardified's products are made in East London, South Africa and are 100% natural and handmade ensuring the greatest care is put into every bottle of beard oil, every beard balm and all other beard care products.

Today is the day to become beardified!

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The Courageous!

“The beard signifies the courageous; the beard distinguishes the grown men, the earnest, the active, the vigorous. So that when we describe such, we say, he is a bearded man.”

- St Augustine


It smells great, feels great, comes in a great package, and is definitely the most masculine and manly way of growing a beard. I've never grown my beard before, but after trying the Spurgeon beard oil from Beardified I can't bring myself to shave, just so that I have an excuse to shove this oil on my face.

Nick Lotter

Just had my first application of SPURGEON! Awesome stuff - even my wife likes it! Well done John!

Arno De Bruin

Bought hubby beardified oil and comb... He struggled to get a full beard. Wowsers... Been a week and what an awesome look. Soft, thick and looking extremely healthy! Happy happy! #beardifiedisawesome

Odette Hattingh

What a great manly product. I can definitely see the results and fragrance is awesome. I love it

Sipho Mangesi

What an awesome product,...great smell, zero residue. Beard looks and feels awesome.makes you feel good knowing you look neat and good all day long. I stand by this wife loves the soft feel. Dont be a hairy the bearded hero....well done, great man product!

Iian Pikaan

I'm not really into male grooming, and with a busy schedule, I don't have time to worry about grooming my beard. Beardified Beard Oil has allowed me to take care of my beard quickly and easily, leaving it feeling and smelling great.

Andrew Liebrand

I've tried a couple of beard balms, but Beardified Spurgeon Beard Balm is my new favorite. Fantastic smell, super easy to apply, great hold. Makes my beard feel amazing, just love Beardified products.

Jay-Jay Botha

I'm so happy with Beardified service, been asking about how to maintain my beard and they been 101% supportive. I'm happy and certainly going to stay with Beardified

Loyiso Hamilton Ndlovu

Not only did I receive my fiancé's gift in Very good time, but what a breeze this process was and a friendly one too. Perfect gift for my bearded fiancé

Bianca Santana

A Beardified Man:

Doesn't need to use pick up lines

A Beardified Man:

Is the envy of all other men

A Beardified Man:

Lets his beard do the talking...and it talks with confidence